Your Full Line of Restoration Products
Our Most Popular Products!!!

      Restorer's Choice " BLAST OFF"                          Restorer's Choice " RUST EZZZZ"   

      The working man's all purpose                              
      Degreaser. This Non Acid Formula
      makes short order of all cleaning.

   Restorer's Choice PAINT REMOVER  " LIFT OFF"

  "LIFT OFF" removes paint, factory primer, clear coat, acrylic
   and other finishes from Metal Surfaces in one coat.
   "LIFT OFF" also removes Paint and Stain from wood. 
   that's right, refinish your antique or any wood furniture
   without the multiple steps of a finish remover!!


       Restorer's Choice " CLEAN SUPREME"                           Restorer's Choice  " ALL SYSTEMS GLOW"   
    The "BIG BOY" of Degreasers. Removes                            "ALL SYSTEMS GLOW" is an excellent 
    stubborn grease from Pots and Pans , Ovens                      Spray. It's a waterless wash for those
    and especially Commericial Kitchen Hoods!!                       times and places where soap and water
                                                                                                   are not needed!
   Classy Chassis Primer                                                   Classy Chassis Finish

Restorer's Choice " ALL SYSTEMS GLOW 2.5"

ALL SYSTEMS GLOW 2.5 is the same great Waterless Wash and Detail Spray formulated for body shops

Restorer's Choice  " ULTIMATE" TIRE DRESSING

ULTIMATE TIRE DRESSING provides a "WET LOOK" shine to your tires.
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